Our School


Aims And Values Statement

Our Mission Statement “Loving Life, Loving Learning, Loving God” was selected from suggestions from our families. The Aims and Values are reviewed each year by staff and governors to ensure they are still relevant to our learning.

Our School Rules

In our school we:


Use our manners

Are kind and gentle

Respect others

Speak thoughtfully

Are helpful


Use our time well

Talk about our worries

Say sorry when we need to

Agreed by the children of Chapel Haddlesey Church of England Primary School, September 2015.

Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!

Our teacher Mr Marshall teaches us every day of the school week.  We are very lucky to have three Teaching Assistants Miss Ducat, Ms Hargreaves & Mrs Russell to help us with our learning across the week.

At Chapel Haddlesey we believe passionately that a strong Early Years education will set children up to be independent and confident learners throughout the rest of their school life. As a result, we put a great emphasis on their formative years in school. Class 1 is where the fun happens!


Children can start as young as aged three in our nursery and our carefully planned indoor and outdoor classrooms are set up to reflect the play-based and child-centred EYFS curriculum. Our classrooms are organised so that the children can independently choose the resources they want to play with each day. For example, they choose what goes into our sand and water trays each morning and they can build with whichever construction materials they want, on any day of the year.

The timetable for our nursery children is completely child-led and open, as we believe their personal, physical and communicative development is the priority at this stage; nursery to not have any formal, teacher-directed learning on the carpet or at table-tops.


As our children move into their Reception year, the vast majority of their day-to-day learning is still through play and through the areas of provision in our classroom. This enables staff to deliver personalised learning one to one to the Reception children, through the classroom environment, so that they meet their Early Learning goals by the end of the year. The children also receive short and engaging Phonics and handwriting sessions each morning from teaching staff, in order that they progress soundly through the Letters and Sounds Phonics programme.

Year 1:

Formal learning begins in Year 1 and the children enjoy a fun, active and hands-on morning as they enter Key Stage 1, with skilfully-delivered Phonics, Maths and English lessons each day. In Maths, we put a strong emphasis on mental skills, introducing the children to our ‘SMIRFS’ instant recall Maths programme. This enables the children to practise essential mental Maths skills at home and at school each day. The children can also access our exciting online Mathletics teaching tool at home and teachers set weekly homework in English and Maths to underline and embed learning.

In Phonics, the children continue working through Phase 5 of Letters and Sounds and in English, we hone the children’s writing and reading skills to complement their Phonics work. The afternoons in Year 1 offer an exciting chance to tackle the curriculum through the EYFS environment and we are also lucky to enjoy weekly cooking sessions from Mrs Smith in the Autumn term.

Every term parents receive a curriculum newsletter which explains the focus for the term and a little bit more about how our families can support this at home.

Our school day starts at 9.00am and finishes at 3.15pm. Mid-morning, we can help ourselves to a piece of fruit and a glass of milk.  A hot school lunch is served at 12 noon and this is free to children in Reception, Year 1 & 2 from government funding.

We love our weekly Cookery sessions with Mrs Smith and learn lots of new skills including rolling our pastry, kneading bread dough and trying new flavours from around the world.

We have our own EYFS outdoor area and you can see from the photos that we love building with the wooden blocks and making concoctions in the mud kitchen. We have a huge field to run around on, a school garden to nurture and wildlife garden to explore.

Our classroom environment always looks so colourful – have a look at our learning displays.

Class 2

Welcome to our Class 2 web page!

Since the restructuring of the school in September 2017, Class 2 now comprises of Years 2, 3 and 4.  The class is a dynamic and vibrant learning environment taught by Mrs Lindley.  The main aim every day is to offer the children practical, imaginative and engaging learning opportunities tailored to meet the needs of each individual child in the class.

The question ‘how will we learn this best?’ is asked time after time; children are encouraged to contribute to this with the main thrust being child-led, facilitated by the adults around them.  Through secure and in depth subject knowledge, adults are able to rigorously enhance learning opportunities giving children high quality education.

The mantra ‘we flip the leaf and grab an opportunity’ is chanted by the class every day after saying the school prayer.  This was written by the children and is identifying their understanding that no matter what happens, there is always an opportunity to try again and benefit from the opportunities around them.  They also understand that increasing independence and measured risk-taking will also enhance their lives.

In Class 2 we are fortunate to have additional support from key adults.  Mrs Hall works in class every morning offering high quality small group work and numerous intervention sessions.  This means that children can focus on areas to develop such as maths instants recall facts, phonics and handwriting.  She also provides the class with high quality PE session, offering a range of different sports and skill development.  French is taught by Mrs Smith who also doubles up as the cookery mentor, teaching the children how to create healthy and balanced food.

Other volunteers also support the children’s learning, regularly listening to children read using the school’s Guided Reading curriculum to scaffold these sessions and also handwriting support on a one to one basis.

Mrs Lindley has produced a class newsletter explaining a little more about our learning this term and the information is included below.

Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

Welcome to the newly formed Class 3 which comprises of year 5 and 6 pupils and is based in our fantastic new classroom.

In Class 3 we are passionate that every child should reach their potential in a challenging, enjoyable and supportive environment. Children are encouraged to always challenge themselves safe in the knowledge that they will be supported by their friends and our wonderful staff and will always have the opportunity to ‘have another go’.

Mondays and Tuesdays are taught by Mrs S. Smith with support from Mrs J. Smith who also teaches French across Key Stage 2 and Cookery across the school. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are taught by Mrs Lane with support from Mrs Collins. Children are taught in many ways including whole class discussion, small groups and even individual learning where appropriate.

We aim to build on the subject knowledge obtained in Class 2 to further enhance every child’s learning experience through practical learning wherever possible. We also begin to place more focus on increasing the children’s independence and responsibility both in terms of the work they produce in school as well as at home.  We work hard to help children increase their emotional resilience and general life skills in order to make the transition to secondary school as smooth as possible.

This year we were also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to further enhance our French learning and life skills with a week long residential trip to PGL’s residential activity centre, Chateau du Tertre in Normandy. The children thoroughly enjoyed this amazing opportunity and returned full of enthusiasm and tales to tell the younger children.

We are also lucky enough to have other adults who help in the classroom. We have Mrs Walker, a local artist, who visits weekly and uses her artistic talent to support the children in the production of wonderful pencil drawings. Mrs Dunnigan spends Tuesdays with us supporting in many ways including preparing our fantastic displays and offers creative ideas in our art and science learning. Mrs Dunnigan also helps to run our Young Voices choir with Mrs S Smith.

Mrs Lane & Mrs Smith have produced a Class 3 newsletter which is attached here.

Our school council

Run by the children for the children

We are extremely proud of our School Council at Chapel Haddlesey C of E Primary School. Our School Council continues to grow from strength to strength.

Our School Council Members

Our School Council members were voted in by their peers in a school council election.

What is the School Council?

Our School Council is a group of children who meet together with Mrs MacDonald, our Headteacher, to help improve our school. Members are voted in by their classmates and represent the views of the children from EYFS to Year 6.

A note from Erin

I enjoy being a School Councillor because I like helping people by explaining to them what are good choices and bad choices in school.

A note from Hollie

I enjoy being on the School Council as I like to come up with ideas for competitions in school and being on the School Council means you are the judge!  I have a brilliant idea to raise money for school by having a Car Wash Saturday!

A note from Charlie

Being on the School Council is important as we are role models of good behaviour and at playtimes, we remind our friends about the school rules and making the right choice.  We organise non-uniform days for charity and the School Council can decide which charity will receive the money.

Our sports council

Sports Forum meetings take place every half-term and these are open to all children and staff, chaired by Mrs Hall. The children lead the agenda and can discuss equipment needed, after-school clubs they would like, sports they would like to develop during curriculum time and anything else sport-related. We have a Suggestion Box for any brilliant ideas between meetings.

Our worship group, 'Arise & Shine'

Our worship group, named ‘Arise & Shine’ meets regularly to discuss matters of a spiritual nature!

The school is proud of its strong links to the community, local church and the Diocese of York.

Rev Anna commented that at the last School Worship Group meeting we discussed how we could select three Christian Values for our school community to focus on. We began with 15 possible values and shared these with parents, governors, members of the church community and the children in the school. We asked everyone to consider the needs of our school at the moment and then consider which values would help us best meet our present needs. We then selected the three values we are now focusing on in our Collective Worship and across other areas of our school life.

These are
Trust, Friendship & Forgiveness.

The worship group

At our next meeting we will be thinking about our times of Collective Worship. How can the children develop their leadership of Collective Worship? What do the children enjoy about Collective Worship? How can we develop Collective Worship?

Our Prayer

Dear God,

Bless our school.
For us it is a special place.
Help us to show kindness and care as we build lasting friendships.
May kindness, respect, trust and love live here.
Love of life, love of learning and love of you, our God.

Please guide our school community as we flourish and learn.


Our prayer garden

The Bishop of Selby, Dr John Thompson, blessed and formally opened our new prayer garden.  Mrs Hall and the children had designed and prepared a new Prayer Garden with three individual areas.  The Remembrance Garden is designed in the shape of a cross with stones and slate.  The Easter Garden features Spring plants symbolising new life and the central feature is a gazebo for the children to sit and reflect.  The design includes a solar powered water feature urn and a planter dish symbolising the bread and wine of the Last Supper.  Many thanks to Miss Gardner for donating plants, and Mrs Russell and Mrs Westmoreland for painting the planters and the gazebo.


The photos show the Bishop’s visit below, a drawing by Lily which is an excellent likeness and two of the prayers below, by Henry and Phoebe.

Junior road safety officers

Every year two Year 5 children are selected to be Junior Road Safety Officers for the year. This year, Hollie & Jack have been nominated by Mrs Lane. They will be holding competitions each term on a theme linked to Road Safety and will be updating the Road Safety noticeboard with news and events.